Wig Out Mohawk Helmet Cover

  • $20.00

  • Makes wearing helmets fun!
  • One size fits most helmets
  • Ski, Snowboard, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, ATV, BMX, Bicycle Helmets
  • Tested to 16 mph
  • Attaches to helmet with suction cups
  • Attaches to helmet with suction cups

For best results, clean helmet with soapy water. Wet inside of the suction cups. Place the front cup on helmet and push it down on to the helmet. Keep a bit of tension on the strip and repeat with the remaining suction cups. Suction cups will not grip securely to a waxed helmet and may result in loss of product. For helmets with visors, apply product with visor in the open position.


Requires a smooth surface. Vented or ridged helmets won't accommodate suction cup design. To accommodate helmets with vented holes or irregular surfaces, velcro tabs are enclosed to fit a Wig Out to any type of helmet.

Instructions for Velcro Tabs

  • Clean the surface of the helmet and allow surface to dry.
  • With the adhesive backed velcro tabs attached to velcro strips on the Wig Out, position the Wig Out on the helmet.
  • Note the position of the adhesive backed velcro tabs. This is where the velcro tabs should be affixed to the helmet.
  • Peel protective paper from back of velcro tabs and press tabs in place.
  • Wait for five minutes for adhesive to set before attaching the hook to loop. Adhesive bond reaches maximum strength after 24 hours.
  • Moving the Velcro will weaken the adhesive and decrease the sticking power.

(Optional) Suction cups may be removed by carefeully trimming away the thread which passes through the base of each suction cup.

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